The World's Longest Cruise Lasts 102 Days... And Costs $210,000!

If you're going to be at sea for months, top-end luxury is the only way to travel.

If you've ever cruised, how long were you at sea? We're guessing about a week — or two if you were really blowing it out. Think back to that experience... and now imagine setting sail for nearly four months.

That's what you can do if you embark on the world's longest cruise: According to Million Dollar Listing New York’s Fredrik Eklund in his new digital series, Million Dollar Listing's Ka-Ching!, that designation goes to Crystal Cruises Grand Pacific Panorama experience, which is an epic world tour taking place over 102 days. It departs San Francisco, and hits hot spots like Hawaii, Australia, and Japan over its months at sea.

According to Fredrik, the only way to go on a trip that long is in pure luxury. (But of course!) For a mere $210,000, you can embark on the journey in a 1,300-square-foot cabin the size of a house. 

It costs a pretty penny, of course, but you’ll get a walk-in closet, heated floors… and a ton of extra special touches. “You even get a bidet so you don’t have to wipe your tushie,” Fredrik gushes. 

And for that price… we'd certainly expect to be elevated above such a menial task.

To discover more of Fredrik's favorite finds, catch all 12 episodes of Ka-Ching! below.

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