Samantha DeBianchi

Sam admits that she might be a bit extreme, but she'll wait in anyone's office to get the deal done.

on Jul 30

The luxury real estate business has its ups and downs -- and even when you're the best at what you do, it doesn't always mean that you'll get every deal. With that said, relationships are EVERYTHING, and that was definitely proven on this episode with the Marina Palms listing.

Was I upset that I didn't get that listing? To be honest, not really. . .I know I gave that listing appointment my all and I did a great job. It just wasn't the right fit, and I respect Michael's decision to hire Chris and Chad. . .Although I still do find it interesting that he felt it needed a co-listing to get the job done.

Although I didn't get the Marina Palms listing, I simply had no time to waste as my clients Frank and Teri wanted to move out of Brickell and into Fort Lauderdale. Frank and Teri are my ideal clients and speak my language of sarcasm.

I always try to make my clients feel extra special and do whatever it takes to get a deal done. I think it's imperative to find out what's important to your clients -- in this case, Frank's boat was his baby. . .and he wasn't buying a home without having his boat fit behind it! So, of course, the only way to ensure this was to charter a yacht a bit bigger than his and verify that all would fit appropriately. Furthermore, to make our Sunday a "Funday," I hired catering and a wine sommelier for the day.