Cast Blog: #MDLMIA

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Sam: I Think About Chloe Daily

Samantha explains how hard it was losing her best friend and why she wasn't ready to leave the house for Chad's event.

Watching today's episode was extremely difficult. Just when I thought everything was moving in a great direction, a bomb hit me out of no where. Words cannot describe the excruciating mental pain I went through after losing Chloe. Chloe was my little girl and best friend for over eight-and-a-half years and her death was unexpected and unwarranted. There truly is no love that compares to the love of an animal. I still think about her daily.

The period of time from the death of Chloe and the months following were extremely difficult for me. I had never experienced loss and suffering of a loved on. A week after her death, I attended Chad's Palm Beach open house, one which ended in me crying. Was I mentally ready to get out of my house? No. But as a friend of Chads, I wanted to support him.

I think this episode truly shows my human side. I'm not perfect by any means, but I constantly strive to be. And even when you prepare for life, you can never be prepared enough.

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