See Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis Serhant's Epic New Zealand Honeymoon Photos

The #MDLNY pair celebrated their love from the sea to the snow... to the sky.

Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis Serhant know how to do a honeymoon right. After tying the knot in Greece in July, the Million Dollar Listing New York couple jetted off to New Zealand for some honeymoon action about a week ago... and they have since covered some pretty epic territory.

The 'moon kicked off with a helicopter ride over Aukland.

UBER in New Zealand is crazy

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Ryan took a moment to pause and take in the splendor of the natural landscape.

This place...

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He called one particularly lush shot overlooking the water "probably my favorite photo ever."

Probably my favorite photo ever.

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The lovebirds went for a horseback ride along the cliffside — an opportunity Ryan remarked could now be checked off his bucket list.

Ride a horse on a cliff. In New Zealand. Off the bucket list.

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Tagging the five-star Kauri Cliffs Luxury Lodge, Ryan posed on a waterfront swing with a glass of wine. Perfection!

Little picnic at Pink Beach

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The pair then headed out along the water to find their own private island paradise. "This place is so stunning. Every place you look is a photo," Ryan wrote. "We took our twin-masted catamaran (which is very rare) to Urupukapuka Island in the Bay of Islands off the East Coast of New Zealand's north island. The island was empty."

They then celebrated Christmas eve, cozied up in their lodge, just the two of them — 18 hours' time difference from loved ones across the globe.

Keeping active — as one does in New Zealand — the pair mountain biked for two hours on Christmas to discover an epic waterfall. And naturally? Ryan found the cardio challenge totally worth it.

And then it was off to a place that required... just a tad more clothing. A glacier! "Our love will take us anywhere we want to go. Including the top of a mountain on a glacier in the Southern Alps in New Zealand," Ryan wrote alongside this stunning smooch video:

Of course, there were plenty of opportunities to warm up in style too...

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...before it was back out in the snow.

Unreal. I don't know what else to say about this magical place.

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Taking time out to be playful, Ryan climbed up a mountain — and slid right down. "Yes we are on a glacier on top of a mountain above Milford Sound in New Zealand — so I am excited like a little boy," he wrote. "Yes I should have thought about how I was going to get down when I climbed up there. Yes my butt is frozen."

Of course, there was red wine drinking in a country known for it.

But before we get to 2017, some wine 😎

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And there was plenty of time for reflection, too.

"There are only 3 days left in 2016. Usually I would be stressed out about 2017 — anxious about the future, how another year has come and gone so quickly, writing lists for all the things I want to accomplish, wondering if I'm capable of doing any of them. There's a moment as I'm sitting here where I think I may never leave. I've done well. Emilia and I could pack up and stay here in NZ. She could have her own little Bee farm and sell Manuka Honey. I could become a helicopter pilot. Maybe one day.... But this year I feel different. This year I'm not anxious. This year I'm thankful and blessed for what 2016 has helped do for my business and my life, and I'm excited — hell I'm thrilled — for 2017. I'm GLAD the new year scares me. I'm HAPPY the new year is full of unknowns. I'm turning the anxiety into adrenaline. I'm refreshed, recharged, and READY!" he wrote.

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