Fredrik Eklund

According to the Swedish shark we are all bilingual, but we could work on our body language.

on Jun 26, 2013

The negotiating -- will make you or break you

I love this episode because of the fierce negotiations and how I got FULL ASK and ALL CASH for 111 Mercer where no other agent believed in my pricing. Not only that, but what you don't see in this episode is that in the following two weeks I sold the third and the fourth floor as well. Full ask, may I add!?

So this week I want to talk about negotiating. Negotiating requires a unique set of skills, a language few people know and something you cannot see or touch. Perhaps that’s why some people say we real estate agents make way too much money: because it is a difficult profession to really understan -- until a little show called Million Dollar Listing came along. Only when you know how to negotiate, can one acknowledge the difference we make for a seller or buyer. In fact, I can go on record and say I think we are underpaid, at least I am. Six percent is really on the low side. When you are an amazing negotiator, you WILL make a difference three to five times that, and you have earned your money many times over. 111 Mercer is a good example of that. You don't cost your client a penny; in fact you are MAKING your client money, even after the commission is paid.