Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik shares why you need to make business fun, why he invented his signature move, and how you can do it too.

on Jun 5, 2013

I have this theory that all people are fun deep inside. No one is really old, ugly or boring -- deep inside. We are all young at heart, with a beautiful soul and really fun -- if we work on it and bloom. We are often just afraid of showing that side, because few others do in a business environment. But my theory is that everyone in a conference room -- even the senior and the on-the-surface most boring person secretly want to have fun as long as business is accomplished. There is nothing that says we can't have fun and be professional at the same time. Well, some might say you can't get things done and laugh at the same time, but not me, and not you.

The new guard of super brokers out there have moved beyond the old way of doing business without having fun. We are not bankers, we are not accountants, we are not funeral arrangers. We are in the service industry and real estate is a people's business and we sell beautiful homes.

The truth is that you need to make the industry fun, because few other people will. I told my business partner many years ago that our number one goal was to have fun, that we had to laugh at least once every day, that we need to find the humor in the everyday situations. And we have since.