Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik thinks that real estate can make you go crazy -- and the thinks that might have already happend to Luis.

on Jun 11, 2013

This episode is stressful, its emotional, and it is becoming very confrontational. I like Luis, I like him a lot. His energy is contagious and there is an innocence about him that I miss within myself –- and in there is a lesson. But, what happens here and the sale of the last unit at 50 Lispenard Street is a problem on more than one level. I only work for my client, always and above all. I have a fiduciary duty to my seller, not to Luis. My job is to get the highest possible price, in this case FULL ASK and ALL CASH and quickly.

What is about to come down is ugly regardless of how much I want to be friends with Luis. See you next week for a my view on it.

Love you all!