Luis D. Ortiz

Luis reflects on what he learned this season and what he hopes to learn from his fellow MDLNY agents next.

on Jul 31, 2013

There's no trophy without a race. Without the value that a trophy should carry it's only a gold statue with no meaning. Watching this last episode has made me smile more than I have before. It's sad because a great season has ended, but it's great because I've gotten to understand my growth since it started.

I've always been the kind of person that enjoys taking risks and everything that happens in between them. That's because I embrace the fact that we only live once and I prefer to regret what I did (which I won't) rather than regret what I didn't do.

This season has been incredible. I moved to a bigger agency that expected everything from me. I went to the end of the world to pitch the most intimidating sellers in New York City without hesitation. I competed with top brokers that have been in the game three times longer than I have. I sold some listings, I lost some. At times, I lost the respect of many, but I won them back in the end. I tried everything there was to try. All of this with only one goal, and that is to become the best person I can be while enjoying the ride. That's how I manage to become successful, but most importantly, genuinely happy.

This year I was fortunate to have met Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant. Two gentlemen that are, in their own kind of way and with different reasons, the most competitive individuals I have ever met. When I say fortunate, it is because it's only these kind of people that will, in the end, bring out the best from you. We all go after the same clients and listings and we won't sleep until we get them. For me it's not business, it's personal. It's personal because we want to prove to ourselves that by strongly believing in everything we are, we will be able to make anything happen and take everything to the finish line. That's drive.