Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik gives us a glimpse into Derek's life as an artist and opens up about their future plans for a child.

on May 7

For this week’s blog, I thought I'd write a little about Derek, since to me, it's about him and me. Yes, I finally sell 101 Warren at a record price of $11M, and get the Zeke-y and Zach-ey deal FINISHED, but to me it's all about Derek, his art and our future baby.

If you didn't know already, Derek was born in Harare, Zimbabwe -- and that's Africa and faaaar away from little and cold Sweden. Growing up in Africa, with all its natural beauty, art was always in his life. He told me that as a young boy he was inspired by the colors of his surroundings, and he started merging nature with art. Literally. He would paint outside, use his fingers, mimic the clouds and powerful storms. The rain and rainstorms over the dry landscapes were his favorite, I guess because they are opposites.
Throughout school, Derek excelled at art and gained recognition by his teachers. But during his second week at high school, something happened that changed him and his view on art and I thought I would share it with you now: Derek's art teacher accused him of being helped at home after handing in a homework assignment. Derek was even threatened with punishment unless he confessed, but he refused. He had not received any help, except from nature, perhaps. His denial was finally accepted as the truth. This experience left my Derek feeling proud of himself, although he realized he needed to stay true to himself at all times and create his own path through life. Ironically, he later became one of the same teacher's star students and their relationship flourished. I like this story a lot, because the same has happened to me when I was young.