An Igloo, a Clock Tower... and a Giant Dog?! 5 Bizarre Lodgings You Can Actually Rent

When even the poshest hotel feels too ho-hum.

Does the thought of staying in another generic hotel room make you not even want to go anywhere anymore? Don’t unpack in a huff just yet! Chill in a sexy igloo, kick it in a classic clock tower, or enjoy the acoustics inside a giant seashell for your next getaway. Yes, those are real rental options... among others that guarantee a vacation on which unique memories are made!

1.  Igloo-Dorf, Davos, Switzerland

What could be more romantic than staying in an elaborate igloo in the Swiss Alps that contains intricate, carved-out rooms draped in red velvet? Of course, make sure you take advantage of the room that has a hot jacuzzi in it! Afterwards, you’ll slip into toasty sleeping bags that are made to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Igloo-Dorf also rents these igloos for larger parties.

2.  St. Pancras Clock Tower, London, England

Admit it, you’ve gazed at clock towers and wondered what could be inside them — and this one does not disappoint with its loftiness. The particularly Snap-worthy St. Pancras Clock Tower guest suite is inside the fourth and fifth floors of an apartment inside the tower of international railway station St. Pancras with an additional bedroom that the owner or other guests occupy, but you’ll have your own bathroom and shower, living, and dining areas. You’re also about a minute away from bustling King’s Cross tube station so you have easy transportation options throughout London and Europe.

3.  The Seashell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Casa Caracol, also known as The Seashell House, is an idyllic two-bedroom holiday rental that’s accessible via Cancun. The interior is full of sweet, beachy touches, including scallop-shaped beds, and a cave with a wet bar — all with carved details that feel like they could really be the inside of shells. You’ve got your own grass- and tree-lined pool to laze by and you can see the water from the closest beach, which is 15 minutes away by golf cart. Bliss.

4.  Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

The owner of Treehotel instructed his architect to create a series of wooden palaces unlike anything else in the world, and the place just screams with Swedish design ingenuity. Each tree-high suite is different. You can stay in one that looks like a bird’s nest, or in the optical illusion known as the Mirrorcube; all are stylishly appointed inside. Guests retreat to Britta’s Guesthouse for meals and otherwise are left to enjoy life among the trees in the forest.

5.  Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, Cottonwood, Idaho

You’ll never miss Dog Bark Park Inn B&B (or its partner, the Beagle Inn): Just look for the ginormous canine. It’s fully cute overload inside, with all-dog everything — and if that’s the way you roll, it would be a slice of heaven. According to the listing, "responsible” dogs are welcome to join you, so leave that reckless pup at home.

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