Why Does Ashton Kutcher Care About Your Summer Vacation Plans?

He has skin in the game.

With baby number two on the way, you might think that Ashton Kutcher has enough pressing personal matters on his hands to stay out of your summer vacation business. But you’d be wrong.

The star tried to take on Chicago City Hall over a proposed ordinance that would have regulated the industry of home-sharing listings. Why? Well, that’s because, of course, Kutcher owns a good-sized chunk of Airbnb.

He took to Facebook to write a long, impassioned post — later deleted — about why renting homes for travel is such an awesome and important option. And why the ordinance shouldn’t pass.

“Chicago has always had a special place in my heart,” he wrote. “When visiting Chicago, or any other city, I am looking for an authentic experience. It is not enough to just stay in a city; I want to feel like I am living as a local. That is why I travel through Airbnb.”

Skeptical? Tons of stars — even Beyoncé and Mariah Carey — stay in over-the-top listings from the site. 

“Home sharing is changing the way we see the world. Instead of being forced to stay in a downtown Chicago hotel, people from all around the world can check out the vibrant neighborhoods on the North, South, and West Sides of Chicago. They can now have the option to stay in the areas they want to explore and experience,” he wrote. 

And then the plea: “Despite… major economic and cultural benefits, the City of Chicago is considering an ordinance that could negatively impact the residents who use Airbnb as a way to pay the bills or to showcase the community they love. Chicago has a real opportunity to get this right and create the best in-class home sharing regulations while also demonstrating a willingness to embrace technology in the process. Now is the time to support the passionate people of Chicago and lead the way into the future of home sharing.”

Alas, impassioned post notwithstanding, the Chicago City Council easily passed the new law limiting just those kind of home rentals.

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