Amy Laurent

Amy shares one of her most important dating rules.

on Jun 25, 2012

Meanwhile, her hot roommate is in the same room successfully making out with the bimbo blonde. So awkward! But I can already tell Chris wasn’t her type anyway. I would have never matched those two together if they were my clients. Yes, he was cute. Yes, he was fit. Yet it was immediately obvious he’s too regimented (with a splash of judgmental) for her speed. These are not bad traits, per se, but the prototype does not match what Julia needs. That’s OK, because not everyone is going to be a match. I could have saved them both a lot of time, though.

I believe that Julia needs someone who is driven, talented, perhaps even traditional, but also has a creative and open side that is amused by Julia and appreciates her for being her. I don’t think Chris gets it and he probably is more suited with a southern girl who is an LA transplant, who is a bit more bland, yet with a faux edge about her. I think that’s good enough for Chris. So Julia, my dear, onwards and upwards!