Julia Allison

Julia is in shock about how terrible her date was.

on Jun 25, 2012

Now all of that having been said, as it turns out, the dude HAD A GIRLFRIEND, and that's why he wouldn't kiss me (at least at first, then I'm sure he didn't want to kiss me because I was THROWING myself -- literally -- at him). Apparently he and his girlfriend had just had the DTR (define the relationship) talk the night before, but Chris didn't want to flake out on his friend Todd (you know, the one who thought "objectify" was a big word) who was trying to get into my roommate JP's pants. Thus the total confusion when I couldn't get a goodnight kiss out of him. We only found out after the date. Never heard from him again. Awesome! Totally not humiliating at all. Oh wait. Yes. Yes it was.

(Smashes head into wall again.)

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