Courtney Kerr

Courtney gives us the scoop on her sexy South African.

on Sep 19, 2011

How freaking cute are Glenn and Rebecca?! I will be the first to say that I think "swimming in the ex pond" is a bad idea, but when you see two people like that who genuinely love, understand, and support each other, it's hard not to root for them to make it work. The side of Glenn that Rebecca brings out is unique and incredibly sweet to watch. Although Glenn says he isn't ready to be in a relationship again, I wonder what will happen when he heads back to Oakland in football season?! I am a sucker for a happily ever after, so I am definitely "Team Rebecca!"  

One of my favorite moments in this entire episode was discovering that Jody had finally parted ways with the soul patch! THANK GOD Tara convinced him to get after it with a razor, and although I'm still not sold on the idea of Jody, his hairless face is definitely a step in the right direction! Truthfully though, I really enjoyed getting to watch him squirm a little bit at dinner…I think it says a lot about a man if he can handle his own with a woman's best friends and answer the questions that they have. I certainly don't think Tara or I was prepared for the "kids" talk to end the way it did at dinner. Although it made things a little awkward at that point, I am glad that Tara found out sooner rather than later. I know children will be in her future, and if they aren't in Jody's, then that could be a serious relationship roadblock. 

I'm not going to lie, seeing Matt "attempt" to date is pretty comical! The boy loves attention, so when I saw Neill flirting with Glenn at DIFFA, I could've predicted that Matt would react the way he did. But I am proud of him for putting himself out there and exploring what a real dating relationship feels like. It was fun for me to watch Matt and Neill's date and see what really went down, because I usually only get the "Matt version recap" after the fact, and it lacks all the juicy details! While watching this, I also laughed when I asked him about what they talked about on their "date," and Matt replied with "I don't date." Anyone else pick up on that? So was it a date with Neill or wasn't it?! Oh Matty…so commitment-phobic! All kidding aside, I wonder if Matt really is ready to date and give a girl what she wants, because if he isn't ready for that, he is playing with fire by leading a single mother along….