Courtney Kerr

Courtney knows she still has some apologizing to do to Neill.

on Aug 22, 2011

One of my favorite quotes is, "Humility is the best defense against humiliation." It reminds me to stay graceful, poised, kind, and humble. So with that said, before I get down to business, who wants a slice of humble pie? Aww heck, I think I'm going to need more than just a sliceā€¦

Dinner with Matt was incredibly emotional. To date, that dinner haunts me. I remember sitting at the table thinking, "This isn't how we are. We never fight. We never argue. We always have each other's back. This isn't how best friends should be. No person has ever come between us." Throughout the conversation, no matter what either one of us said, we couldn't agree on anything. And in typical Courtney and Matt fashion, we both stuck to our guns. Hard. I left that dinner wondering if our relationship would ever be the same and if Neill would be the one girl who I would lose my best friend to. 

Things got put into perspective when I spent the day with Tara and my mom. My mother always has this incredible way of helping me clear my head when it begins to fill with nonsense. She made me realize that although I am entitled to my own (strong) opinion, I let it get the best of me, and as a result, hurt both Neill and Matt. At this point I am looking forward to going to dinner with Neill, swallowing my pride, and saying those three simple words: I am sorry.