Courtney Kerr

Courtney explains her relationship with Matt and her reaction to Neill.

on Aug 15, 2011

And apparently Neill is someone who was “wowed” by Matt at one point. Although my reaction to Neill was pretty chilly, most of it was directed towards Matt. Everyone knows Matt isn’t looking to settle down. And I hope Neill is smart enough to know Matt isn’t looking to settle down. So to me, they are playing with fire. There is a child involved, and that could make things messy. The “mother hen” in me is being protective -- protective of Matt’s reputation, protective of Neill’s heart, and protective of Baby Major. Unfortunately though my “tough love” approach came off pretty rocky at the dinner table and even continued with tears shed in the bathroom by the automatic hand dryer. (Insert my ugly cry here!) 

Ultimately our group is dealing with real issues, and I hope others can see the depth of us. There are no secrets. There are no closed doors. We are a core. We are not the “most eligible” because we have looks, or money, or status, or success. We are eligible because we are real. We are eligible because we offer it all up and put all our cards on the table. No poker face. No bull. We take the bull and grab it by the horns, because we are “The Big D.”