The Big D

Courtney explains her relationship with Matt and her reaction to Neill.

“The Big D”…When it comes to my friends, “D” could be abbreviated for so many things: Dallas, dating, designers, dogs, (car) dealerships, dilemmas, and (perceived) douche bags…the list goes on. But in my mind, it stands for diversity. Anyone can relate to one of our friends. Anyone can look at our lives and see themselves in one of us. We all have ups. We all have downs. And when it comes to our romantic perils, we have suffered the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This group is no exception to dating dilemmas. Tara, who is my female voice of reason, is a genuine catch, and one to be had. I am thrilled to see her giving herself some time and committing to being single. Drew has come into his sexuality, and I hope he can finally find a man who will let his true colors show. Glenn has escaped a four year relationship, and should enjoy being single. But then there’s Matty, who is my best friend. The Matt everyone sees is different than the Matt I see. The Matt I know is caring and is like a big brother to me. He listens and offers up advice. But most importantly, he loves me unconditionally, even when he doesn’t understand me.

But let’s cut to the chase…Matt and are just friends.  And any female who has had a male BFF can relate to my frustration with him. The blondes may come and go, but I am there day after day. I’ve seen more blondes in Matt’s life than Hugh Hefner has seen in a lifetime. And although the boy says he isn’t a player, he certainly knows how to “wow” the women. 

And apparently Neill is someone who was “wowed” by Matt at one point. Although my reaction to Neill was pretty chilly, most of it was directed towards Matt. Everyone knows Matt isn’t looking to settle down. And I hope Neill is smart enough to know Matt isn’t looking to settle down. So to me, they are playing with fire. There is a child involved, and that could make things messy. The “mother hen” in me is being protective -- protective of Matt’s reputation, protective of Neill’s heart, and protective of Baby Major. Unfortunately though my “tough love” approach came off pretty rocky at the dinner table and even continued with tears shed in the bathroom by the automatic hand dryer. (Insert my ugly cry here!) 

Ultimately our group is dealing with real issues, and I hope others can see the depth of us. There are no secrets. There are no closed doors. We are a core. We are not the “most eligible” because we have looks, or money, or status, or success. We are eligible because we are real. We are eligible because we offer it all up and put all our cards on the table. No poker face. No bull. We take the bull and grab it by the horns, because we are “The Big D.” 



Who Run the World

Neill talks about her band's debut and being a single mother.

Hello there, beautiful people! Lots of love, love, love to you all! Thanks for hanging in with us here through all these episodes… Who'd have known everything would turn out the way it did? The good news is I believe everything happens for a reason. 

As far as this final episode goes, I don't have too much to say. I believe the majority of the episode speaks for itself… it was nice, funny, awkward, charming, and in the end, my band got to play! I was very happy we got some of that on the last episode. I love how they showed us (my band, Kitty LaLa) playing the song "Come Home With Me" as Matt and Courtney had an intimate stare/gaze-into-my-eyes-before-we-kiss moment... Hey, that's what I write for, moments like that!  

Anyway, the show was a success, and to conclude it all, I've got to give you a bit of my "behind the scenes/is it time to pull my hair out/what did I just do" inside scoop!

1. Filming a reality show is the most stressful job I've ever had in my life! 

2. I was writing and putting my band together as the show was being filmed… Talk about stress! Aside from the fact that I'm a new mother, that one really took the cake! Glad you all got to see a glimpse of our Dallas debut. Very proud of myself and the guys… Kitty LaLa killed it!

Thank you everyone for all of your sweet, beautiful, and encouraging words. It means a lot not only as a mother, but as a single mother finding her own path, a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur, and most importantly, a young woman coming into her own. I consider this experience as a true blessing. I see all the beauty that could've come from it along with everything in between… Thank you all for your sweet words and encouraging statements. Everyone on the show has been such a blessing to me and my son. I love all of you! 

I would love to hear from you (seriously!). You can contact me via Twitter @NeillSkylar or Facebook me (if my personal page is overloaded, just hit my fan page and I'll be sure to get back to you even quicker, hehe).

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Love you all so much! Please keep in touch! Muah! And for all those single mamas out there, let's stick together. If we can do all that we do, we might as well take over the world! All my love, heart, and soul to you all! God Bless! Once again… XOXO!