Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 3: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor wonders whether Tara will be OK to check some baggage after the DTF incident.

Aug 29, 2011

DON'T: Tell your friends that you signed them up for a bachelor auction

Because then they can't say no (like Matt) or they will be even more stoked about it than if you had told them first (like Glenn). Seriously though, Glenn was grinning as if Courtney just announced he won the lottery, while Matt's look said, "I was totally going to say no way to Courtney, but now that Glenn is so excited I don't want to look like the stick in the mud." 

DON'T: Date someone who's "checking baggage" 

Tara's potential new beau has some major drawbacks (besides the fact that he took her to a bowling alley and got into a car accident). Seven to be exact. When Courtney asks how much baggage he's checking (loving this phrase), Tara reveals there are four ex-wives and three children in Jody's past. Yikes! Is there room in his life for Tara and her many puppies? Well Tara's dating around and assessing her options, but it looks like the baggage will probably be welcome after her disaster date with Jesse (more on this later).  

DON'T: Take anyone seriously who looks good with their shirt off

That's Courtney's advice anyway. I must say that after having been hypnotized many a time now by both Glenn and Matt's propensity to be shirtless, I have to agree.