Dallas Dos and Don'ts

Episode 7: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor was pumped about all the Courtney wisdom this week.

Oct 4, 2011

DON'T: Open an envelope labeled "rattlesnake eggs"

Oh, Courtney… Really? 

DON'T: Do long distance if you aren't ready

Hats off to Glenn, because he seems to have a pretty mature outlook about his relationship with Rebecca. He knows he cannot commit to long distance, and he's not going to agree to it just to keep her off the market in San Francisco. It's a risk he's prepared to deal with. If they can find a way to make it work in the future, they will, but for now it is what it is. Something tells me these two can make it work. 

DO: Try and have a memorable good bye

When you're dating someone and they have to move away, you want to make a memorable final impression. Generally I would think that involves a sexy outfit and a fancy dinner. Courtney opted for "cooking" toast and pouring some wine for her South African -– to each their own I suppose. And thus she sends him off on his six-week sojourn.

Now is it just me, or is six weeks really not that long? It's unfortunate timing, but he lives in Dallas, so he'll be back. This leads me to believe that it all may be a convenient excuse for Courtney to start seeing someone else…