Drew Ginsburg

Drew reveals his trouble-making alter ego.

on Aug 29, 2011

First of all let me start off by saying I love Episode 3. I don't believe Courtney when she says she and Matt have never fought before. I'm calling bull. Seriously, all friends have disagreements, it's part of life. It didn't feel like Courtney was being genuine when she reached out to Neill. It seemed like she was only doing it to make Matt happy. If I were Neill, I would keep a dagger in my purse when going to meet Courtney. 

Seriously, who has time to for a quick date in the middle of the day? Especially one that involves multiple women. Matt, come on, you have issues with women. You probably communicate better with woman, because you are horny. Matt, women think they can date you even though you make the point that it is not a date. You may think it's a hook up, but your girl thinks it is a date. This applies to all types of relationships, and I have been in the place of the girl in the past.

As for the Courtney and Neill meeting, Courtney, what are you wearing? It looks like a skinny moo-moo. Of course you are doing this all for Matt. Neill is kind of an "urban legend" for Matt if you will, because she has been around more than once. I hate to say it, but there are many urban legends about Matt. I feel like Courtney didn't apologize to Neill, but that is the closest we will every get. Courtney can't be sincere about her apology, because she is only doing it to please Matt. Courtney values Matt, and having his approval is so important that she will do whatever it takes.