Drew Ginsburg

Drew explains his relationship with Cody, his family, and Courtney.

on Sep 5, 2011

DIFFA is the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids. DIFFA is a big deal in Dallas, and it is a cause that my family has been involved with since I was 16. DIFFA is a big event in the Dallas social scene, but it's way more than a party. DIFFA provides grants to Aids Service Organizations in the Dallas area. They provide money to great charities that do a lot of social good. I was nervous about being honored by the style council, because I have never received such an accolade. Having Cody there was a great relief. While Courtney thought DIFFA was more of a fashion show, I really don’t think she understand the point of the event. I felt like a lot of the things Courtney says are not sincere and are just fluff.

Anyway on that note I need to get going. Follow me on Twitter @drewginsburg.