Rolling the Dice

Tara thinks dating is a crap shoot (and this week the odds of a good date were against her).

Let's face it -- dating is a crapshoot! I'm sure all single women will agree that on the topic of dating, you just never know what you're going to get. But I'm always willing to roll the dice and take my chances and here's a quick pre-date checklist:

Mutual attraction: check
Compatibility (at least "on paper"): check
Common interests: check

So with the checklist items crossed off, it has to be a fantastic and wonderful date, right? WRONG! But why? Let's take a look at the three dates from tonight's episode, shall we?

Glenn and Courtney 

I love both of these people, and I was so excited to see them finally go on a date; and it was so beautiful with a perfect location and wonderful people. Note to Glenn: if you want more than a high five after a date, you may want to show your abs…I'm just throwing out a suggestion, that's all.

Matt and Sexy Canadian 

Could there be a better-looking couple? Seriously, that was ridiculous! To me, this date seemed like it was straight out of a movie. 

Even though his date could've made most men commit to anything, Matt stood strong and didn't hurt the sexy Canadian by lying to her. He was honest and you can never fault him for that.

Yours Truly

Ah yes, this is the date that (in a million years) I never would've expected to turn out the way it did. I understand that everyone has an "off day," but this was out of control. On paper, my date was perfect: great personality, good looking, and knows a bunch of my friends. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING!

Seriously, a note to guys out there: if you don't like your date's outfit, let it go and say she still looks great. Be honest about other things, but honesty is not the best policy when talking about your date's dress, especially on the first date. Next, never talk about any sort (no exceptions) of bodily fluids on any date. Come on, that should be Dating 101! I am not even touching D.T.F. I already made it clear that the Jersey Shore clothing style is repulsive, let's not start talking like them!

Let me know your thoughts and dating nightmares! Tweet me @taraharper01. I cannot wait to hear some of these stories!


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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Glenn may be sad about leaving Dallas, but he's looking forward to spending time with Rebecca.

Since this is the last episode, I am pretty bummed out! I am heading to Oakland, CA. Although I am going to miss all my friends here in Dallas, it's time for me to get back to work and start training for the football season coming up. Not to mention the fact that Rebecca lives in San Francisco and I will be able to hang out with her in such an amazing city (the same city where we first met).

It was fun getting Matt back out on the football field and having him throw the ball around with me and my buddy Brett (who is actually the punter now for the Houston Texans). I have known Brett for about eight years now and consider him the little brother that I always wanted.

It was hard for me at dinner to tell everyone that I was leaving. I didn't really know where to start, so I just came out and said it. I think I caught everyone by surprise, but they all knew eventually I was going to have to head back out there. They just didn't know when. I'm going to miss them while I am gone!

Neill's concert was a blast! She has such a catchy and pretty voice to say the least! It was definitely a good way to send me off, having everyone there and enjoying each other's company. I really hope this isn't the last time I talk with you guys. I enjoyed writing these blogs each week and hearing your responses.

In our downtime follow me on Twitter @glennpakulak. Until next time!

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