Top Chef

About Top Chef

Some of the world's best chefs battle in Bravo’s Emmy and James Beard Award-winning food competition series.

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    Mano a Mano

    Season 12 Episode 15 (2-11-2015)

    In the finale, two chefs are surprised by a hot air balloon ride over San Miguel de Allende. The final two chefs must create the most outstanding four-course menu of their lives. The winner of the challenge wins the title of Top Chef.

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    Holy Escamoly!

    Season 12 Episode 14 (2-4-2015)

    The remaining three chefs visit Purisima de Jalpa. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs create one sweet and one savory chocolate dish. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs create a six-course menu, each highlighting a Mexican ingredient.

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    Getting Prickly in Mexico

    Season 12 Episode 13 (1-28-2015)

    The finalists head to San Miguel. Award-winning chef Enrique Olvera introduces the Quickfire Challenge where chefs create a dish highlighting prickly pear. The chefs create a dish inspired by a local artist's work for the Elimination Challenge.

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    The Final Battle of Bean Town

    Season 12 Episode 12 (1-21-2015)

    The chefs must cook an innovative bean dish for "Top Chef Masters" alum Wylie Dufresne. Then the chefs must create dishes that truly exemplify the future of cooking as the winner will take home $10,000 and a guaranteed spot in the Finals in Mexico.

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    LCK Ep 6: The Last Chance Kitchen Finals

    Season 12 Episode 6 (1-20-2015)

    The Last Chance Kitchen Finals: One eliminated chef will earn a spot in the Top Chef finale.

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    LCK Ep 5: Crudité Redux

    Season 12 Episode 5 (1-13-2015)

    Crudité Redux: to move on to the Last Chance Kitchen finals, the chefs must create a delicious dish using produce from a crudité platter.

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    LCK Ep 4: Liverwurst Nightmare

    Season 12 Episode 4 (1-6-2015)

    Liverwurst Nightmare: three chefs compete, only two will de-liver themselves from final elimination.

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    LCK Ep 3: The Kitchen Sink

    Season 12 Episode 3 (12-16-2014)

    The Kitchen Sink: to stay in the competition, eliminated chefs must make a masterpiece comprised of 20 or more ingredients.