Orlando Bloom in “Stray Dog Rescue: An Instagram Stories Production”

This is the best thing he’s ever starred in.

Orlando Bloom is known as many things: Middle Earth dweller, occasional Katy Perry dater, naked paddle boarder, and now… Chinese stray dog rescuer?

Indeed, the handsome actor—currently filming in Shanghai—found a grievously injured stray pup in the streets and took it upon himself to save her life.

He shared the saga on his Instagram stories: First a pic of where he found her, licking her wounds (“This lil girl,” he mourned with a broken heart emoji), then a video of their trip to the vet, where she received medical attention, a shave, a bath, a cone, and finally some much needed R&R.

This is not the first time Bloom has saved a stray while on location. He already has one rescue dog, 13-year-old Sidi, whom he aided and adopted while filming in Morocco. 

This is definitely the best work he’s ever done. (Sorry, Black Hawk Down.)


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