Daniel Eichholz

Daniel Eichholz is a member of one of Savannah’s oldest families with prominent Revolutionary War ties. His ancestors founded the first synagogue in Georgia, and one of the first in the United States. Daniel attended Savannah Country Day School and went on to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. For the past several years, Daniel and his brother David have used their marketing and business acumen to grow their family business, The Eichholz Law Firm, from an office of 10 employees to a multi-location personal injury litigation firm. An entrepreneur at heart, Daniel is passionate about his company, Track My Leads, which utilizes proprietary lead management software to monitor and maximize marketing campaigns, as well as several other business projects he maintains. Far from your typical southerner, Savannah is definitely Daniel’s playground. He easily makes friends with everyone he meets, and it is this fun-loving nature than can sometimes make “adulting” a bit of a challenge. 

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