Kari Wells

Kari Wells, a well-mannered, British-born model skillfully balances work, play, and family life in Atlanta with her husband of 10 years, Colombian raised, orthopedic surgeon Duncan Wells. Kari has had many successful careers including owning a production company. Today, she serves as CFO of her husband’s orthopedic practice and medical realty company, but her most important role is as mother to their two children, Alexa, 8, and Bryson, 7. In addition to her various commitments, Kari is involved socially and politically in Atlanta and can frequently be seen hobnobbing with celebrities and politicians. The couple supports many charitable organizations including Doctors Without Borders and Thriving Children Atlanta. Known for their international flair, the Wells family loves to travel, and Kari, who speaks four languages, lives by the philosophy "you cannot have a narrow mind with a thick passport." Kari’s dogged determination to succeed, sense of humor and spirituality help her to live life to the fullest.