This Rapper Actually Loved Working With Mariah Carey So Is Everything We Know a Lie?

The rapper (whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.) also said, "I don’t have to be on pins and needles with her."

Busta Rhymes recently confessed to Us Weekly that he had the "most fun" working with Mariah Carey of all the people he's collaborated with. 

Record scratch ... say what?

The woman is pretty much the epitome of diva‚ famous for demanding stuffed lambs and dismissing J.Lo with the burning "I don't know her," and we searched and searched to find someone (literally anyone else) who publicly said the same thing about the singer.

We failed.

Busta continued, "she’s the homey in the studio and the competition isn’t the same ... I don’t have to be on pins and needles with her."

Again, pins and needles is the feeling we get just thinking about being in the presence of Mariah Carey.

The two collaborated back in 2002 on “I Know What You Want,” and it sounds like an experience that still sticks with Busta to this day. "When she’s able to loosen up, you get to really see the home girl and being in that space with her is relieving because that’s the balance that allows the magic to happen with the music," he said, "because she’s willing to embrace all sorts of inspiration as long as it feels right." 

Which actually makes sense because you know what doesn't feel right? Freezing NYC temperatures when no one has your hot tea ready.

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