Busy Philipps Has Confused Her Youngest Daughter by Going Back to Work: "She's Used to Having Me All the Time"

The actress, filming a new talk show, has to explain her new job to Cricket, 5.

Busy Philipps' two daughters Cricket, 5, and Birdie, 9, know their mom mostly as a stay-at-home parent, because most of her Hollywood work has taken place before they were born or when they were at an age where they weren't aware of her working. But she needs to explain to them that she has a second job outside of mommy now that she's filming a new late night talk show called Busy for E!

“My little one is not used to me working this much,” she admitted to Us Weekly“She’s used to having me all the time.”

Birdie has seen her mom work on set a few days a week in the past, but this new packed schedule has her confused as well as Cricket.

“It’s been little bit of a transition, me going to work every single day. [Birdie] doesn’t understand. [She is like] ‘Why do you have to work all time?’”

Once the girls go back to school, Busy thinks it'll be easier for Birdie and Cricket will "figure it out." In the meantime, Busy will juggle her two full-time jobs as mother and entertainer and join the average working mom at working about 100 hours a week between the two roles.

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