If Brad Pitt Tries to Pick You Up, He May Use His Real Name

And that name has several nicknames, too.

It's hard for Brad Pitt to keep a low profile anywhere he goes, but sometimes he tries to throw people off the scent by using his real name.

Page Six reported that he was recently spotted chatting up an attractive Kate Bosworth-lookalike at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles and introduced himself by his first name.

"‘Hi, I’m William,’" the anonymous source repeated the encounter. "She replied, ‘Oh, you look like a Bradley.’ And he responded, ‘Well, that’s my middle name’ and smiled and winked at her.”

So his cover may be blown for now, but remember: William can be shortened to Will, Willie, Bill, Billy and even Will-I-Am, to borrow from the Black Eyed Peas. Stay vigilant.

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