Organizing Pro Marie Kondo Shares Her Secret for a Happy Marriage ... and It Involves a Spreadsheet

It can spark joy with your partner, and that’s her whole goal.

Call it the Life-Changing Magic of Not Getting Divorced.

Super organizer and author of the hit book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo can tidy anyone’s home to perfection, and now we find out she’s organized her marriage too — with a spreadsheet. And her husband is actually into it.

"When my husband and I got married, we sat down and talked about the kind of home life we wanted and what it would take to achieve that,” she tells New York magazine's The Cut. "We put all of this on a shared Google spreadsheet. When one of us completed a task we’d mark it as done, and then the other one might leave a message saying, ‘Thank you,’ or something like that. It was all very systematic. By doing this we got a very clear sense of what needed to be done. And from this we developed a natural division of labor and now we have a good rhythm in place.”

It can spark joy with your partner, and that’s her whole goal.

Marie says of her daily life:

"By mid-morning, my girls are usually getting up. I’ll get them dressed and change their diapers, all that normal stuff. While I’m doing this, my husband will be making breakfast. We have a very clear division of labor at home. My husband is in charge of the cooking and I’m in charge of the cleaning. So my husband will do breakfast and I’ll put the dishes in the dishwasher, put things away, set and clear the table."

"We still use an online calendar to coordinate our schedules. So I can see if my husband has a meeting and know that I’ll need to be watching the kids then, or the other way around."

This actually sounds amazing. Maybe if we labeled the sheet "SPORTS," our husbands would be on board, too.

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