Kandi Burruss

Kandi gives us her perspective on the songs and lets us know if she loved "Love It or Hate It."

on May 30, 2011

OK, before I even get started let me put out this disclaimer:

Please don't take this personally. I'm going to give my truthful opinion and let the truth set me free! So if I say something bad about someone's song it is my opinion, not law. Don't send me hate mail or tweets because you don't like my opinion.

So now that that's said. . .How the hell did Sonyae's hook get first place in the hook competition??? It must have been better in person because it didn't sound too hot from the clip they played. I think the same goes for Nick who won second place. Once again maybe it was better in person, because I know I wouldn't want the world to judge one of my songs just from a two-second clip. Well the clip is all they gave us so. . .

Personally I really liked their third choice, Scotty, A LOT. The fourth choice, Jackie, had a nice hook as well. How did Brian's hook get overlooked? I liked it, but what do I know?

Uh oh! Now I have to eat my words. It probably would've been better for me to watch the whole show before I wrote this but I'm watching and writing at the same time. OK, so Nick, I owe you an apology! The two-second clip didn't do your hook any justice. Now that I've heard the full hook in the song you wrote with Jes and Karen I REALLY like it! You guys did a great job.

I also love the song that Jackie, Johnny, and Melissa wrote. BTW, Jackie I really like your voice. Great delivery.