Mommy Diaries

Hear about all the ups and downs of Robyn's pregnancy.

Apr 22, 2011


May 17th 2008 

Saturday night 6 pm, our first date. Mark picks me up in a taxi (so we don't drink and drive), we were both pretty nervous and excited. We had spent hours on the phone after our meeting on Jdate. He takes me to Bond Street at the Thomson Beverly Hills. We ate, drank cold sake, and had amazing conversation. Walked back to my place about a mile from the restaurant, grabbed T and A (my dogs) and walked to Pinkberry for some fro-yo. At 2am we were dancing around my living room. At 4am he landed a kiss. At 9am I said, "OMG, I'm supposed to pick up my cousin from his hotel and take him to brunch at 1pm. Wanna come?" After meeting my cousin Michael, who was in from DC, we went back to Beverly Hills and met my sister Ashley who lives in O.C. and was on a blind date with some freaky guy she met on Match. At this point we are like a couple really. Monday morning Mark leaves... And calls the next day with a surprise from sprinkles cupcakes. He's not the player I thought he was.

May 20th 2008 

He comes over and never leaves... May 30th is his Birthday. He gets a key.


May 23rd 2009 

Mark proposes to me at his birthday party in Roxbury Park in front of sixty of our west coast friends and family. It was so sweet and romantic. It was too windy to light the candles on his cake, so everyone just started singing. I continued to try to light the candles and just as the song ended I had one lit candle in my hand, held it in front of Mark, and said, "Make a wish!" And Mark said, "I wish that Robyn Ross would marry me." I was in such shock, and with tears and joy I said, "Yes!" Less then a week later we decide to move to NY.

June 5th 2009

We hopped in my BMW convertible with T and A in tow and drove across the country... A few speeding tickets later (I was pulled over 3 times but got 2 tickets).

June 11th 2009

We arrived in Southampton for the summer. When the fall came around we settled on the UES (Upper East Side). 

Immediately after settling into our Manhattan apartment, we started the IVF process using my frozen eggs.