Alison Kelly

Sympathizing with Christian Siriano.

on Jan 7, 2008

I never intended to go to my prom, but on the afternoon of the day, my boyfriend thought it would be "funny" to go. I hadn't made a dress and didn't have the gumption to do so, but my boyfriend's sister convinced me to go and loaned me the dress she had made for her prom -- a metallic mini-dress, and I loved it. My boyfriend was an hour late picking me up, however, because he had been busy welding me a steel rose to match my silver dress, with an "A" on the stem. It was stunning!

This week's challenge ending up being my favorite one thus far. Maybe it's because I do custom work for my own private clients and fully understand the importance of balancing their vision and my own. It can be quite difficult to balance opposing ideals, but once you find that harmonious medium, it is so rewarding.