Daniel Vosovic

A disappointing episode of Olympic proportions.

on Aug 6, 2008

I've rallied for Jennifer for weeks now, but unfortunately, discomfort got the best of her. Similar to Daniel, she wasn't able to separate her own designer style from what was needed for the challenge. Proportionally this MAY have worked if the colors were different and she had lost the coy-looking sweater and turned it into a sleek blazer - it not only would've moved well, but would've covered a range of body types. However, in all honesty, as is, it really was off the mark. To me, this is another example of a good designer who makes clothes many women will probably like to wear, but who just wasn't ready for the chameleon-like challenges that this reality show demands. Jennifer, I know you're talented, you're a sweetheart, and I wish you the best of luck. I know you and your ladylike point of view will go far!