Daniel Vosovic

A disappointing episode of Olympic proportions.

on Aug 6, 2008

I died a little when I saw Jerell's garment. In fact, I died and then came back, but I was screaming the whole time at the possibility that Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge - what with her new line of overpriced leggings and all. ASIDE from the absolutely atrocious design of this look, I simply can't forgive Jerell for styling his design in such a horrible way. That hat is one of the worst Holly Hobby monstrosities I've ever seen. I simply can't imagine what he was thinking, putting a modern women living in 2008 in that hat. I can't! THEN, in what looks like a last ditch effort to make the look trendier, he paired a pencil skirt with cut-off leggings!?!?! GAHHHHHH!!!! I don't...I can't!!! Ahhhhh... I'm finished.