Daniel Vosovic

Diane von Furstenberg presents a challenge with a lot on the line!

on Sep 4, 2008

Wow, this was pretty bad. I was surprised how bad the execution was because that really seemed to be one of Stella's strong points - her technique. I have a feeling that she's more accustomed to working with tight woven fabrics (or leather) which don't have a lot of give to them, so you can sew it up and just pour the model into it... everything pretty much stays in place. Though with this spongy wool, it has a tendency to have a much softer hand and though it's a "menswear" fabric, it's still soft and feminine. Not to bring back horrible memories, but do you remember the suit that Nick designed for me for the make-over challenge? It was a good design that needed a crisp, sturdy fabric and not the softer, spongy version that was used. Anyways, I digress. I think that Stella truly was the rocker with a heart of gold and really did a great job of holding her own on this show. Stella will never work for a designer as feminine as DVF, and she shouldn't, because they both have their own distinct point-of-view and that's what makes them both fabulous. Good luck Stella and know that many of us, including my boyfriend and I, will greatly miss your sharp wit and straight-to-the-point comments!