Daniel Vosovic

The final three for Fashion Week!

on Feb 27, 2008


This is really the only one I didn't like. It comes off as very dated and although I find the whole silhouette interesting, the actual construction of the dress seems very simple (or at least from what I can see). Obviously, the fact that she can't walk in it doesn't bode well for him either.

Overall, I think they both did EXCEPTIONAL jobs and if there had been four official passes to fashion week, I think based on these three looks, they both are worthy. Congratulations to both designers, and an especially big good luck hug to Chris on his next venture -- it's undoubtedly sure to be a big one.

I'm off now, but I'll see you all next week when the next and newest winner of Project Runway is determined...surely to piss off some, relieve others and to the rest, leave them completely unaffected.

Good luck to Rami, Christian and Jillian!!!