Daniel Vosovic

The designers get to show their true colors!

on Jul 31, 20080

To be honest, I wouldn't have chosen this one as the one to go home. Granted, I think that there are issues: the fact that both Emily and Blayne stuck the main focus of their designs onto basic, boring, black dresses, the ill-placed ruffle, and the length of the aforementioned ruffle. That being said, it really just needed some tweaking to make it work. Her photo had great energy and movement, and with placing the ruffle in a horizontal/vertical position it really looses the impact. Perhaps if she had thought more three-dimensionally about the design, taking the ruffle up and around the shoulder, or trimming it down in places to create less bulk while leaving other areas full and voluminous, she would've had something fabulous! I do think Emily is a talented designer, and hope that her next venture is a successful one. Oh, and Emily, if you're reading this, my boyfriend thinks you are the most beautiful thing to ever come across the TV screen, he literally shouted "NO, not the pretty one!" as your name was called ... I just thought you should know you have a crush.