Daniel Vosovic

Unusual and unexpected was the key to winning!

on Jul 17, 2008

Now here is an example of how last-minute changes can actually enhance the garment. The addition of the chocolates not only made sense color/texture wise, but also on the garment as a whole, which was a combination of sweet and sexy. I also enjoy how the skirt of the dress mimics the shape of the chocolates (like the shape of a Hershey's kiss), with gentle folds and a round, organic feel. I'm not sure what those white frothy bits coming out of the pleats are. But even though they make the dress a bit heavier looking, I do think that the inclusion of white helps keep the design interesting, with lots of detail to see!


This design is nice, with a flattering shape, and I'm sure it's filled with many small details that we unfortunately can't really see. Overall though, I find it a bit boring, ESPECIALLY when considering the challenge and materials available. I also think the styling could have been pumped up, because the dress itself is a bit quiet, but perhaps Jennifer saw some of the other outrageous pieces and thought subtle was better. A safe bet this time, but she should take note that if Nina gets bored - heads roll!!!