Daniel Vosovic

Unusual and unexpected was the key to winning!

on Jul 17, 2008

I think Kelli's design was one of my favorite designs for this challenge - I just love the way that she incorporated so many different elements, yet kept the look cohesive and didn't let one element overpower another. I also give her bonus points for manipulating her materials. On Project Runway, like with most challenges of this nature, it's imperative to alter your materials in a way that makes them unrecognizable and unexpected, and Kelli has done just that. That being said, I do think she could have spent a bit more time on the coffee-filter boob covers, but alas, the model is a petite size so it works.

Stella would have been the one out, in my eyes. The design looks completely thrown together, and aside from the stitching, it blatantly looks like trash bag thrown around her neck and waist! I hope Stella can handle traditional fabrics better, because if her garment was any indication of her design level, I think she should be worried.