Michael Kors

Prom is a teen's time to shine!

on Jan 7, 20080


The arrogance of youth comes up a lot with Christian. When you are a designer, you better be sure of yourself, because you are telling people, "Wear this. I'm right and you're wrong." You are trying to be the voice of style for them. That being said, rudeness does not translate into a long career. And you have no choice, when you are working with a client -- when you disagree, you better learn to disagree diplomatically and try to slide your perspective in there. I don't think that's easy for him. He wants the client to just shut up and wear what he wants them to wear. Which is fine when you're dressing a model and you're paying her. But this is not someone you're paying. This is someone who has to go out there and wear this in real life. I think sometimes his arrogance gets the better of him. You can't blame the client.

My God. At the end of the day, you can't say, "she wore it wrong." No -- you didn't collaborate correctly.