Michael Kors

Prom is a teen's time to shine!

on Jan 7, 2008


I think that sometimes straight men have a very hard time designing evening clothes. It's an odd thing. You would think the opposite. Straight men, when they do evening clothes, have a tendency to go one way or the other. She either becomes a matron, or a mommy, or she's a hooker twirling a handbag. Because I think that it's pushing him out of the boundaries of what he's really comfortable with.

A lot of straight men have an easier time with daytime clothes, because I think they're a little more related to a man's vocabulary. Particularly in today's world, there's nothing worse than seeing a young actress on the red carpet dressed like a fifty-year-old woman, but a prom ... this is not the situation where a girl wants to look old. She wants to look sophisticated, but she still wants to look youthful. I think Kevin took "sophisticated" as "she wants to be a matron."