Nina Garcia

This season's Fashion Week was like no other season!

on Mar 6, 2008


Christian concluded the show and like a 4th of July fireworks display -- it really was the grand finale. The variety of challenges that occurred over this season, from women's wrestling uniforms to candy bar couture, the one who really managed to ride the waves was Christian. At first, his cocky attitude and avant-garde fixation could easily be written off as a consequence of youth and inexperience. But challenge after challenge we saw that Christian's aesthetic was consistent. Despite his flair for drama, which always pushed the envelope, he managed to be conscious of the wearability of his pieces. Although during judging I pointed out that there might have been a little bit too much black in the collection, making it hard to differentiate each look from one another, the dark romantic moment was all the rage at the Paris and Milan F/W shows.