Tims Take

Tablecloths, tablecloths, tablecloths!

on Jul 17, 2008

Joe totally eluded me in the workroom. When I left the designers that night, he was going to "paint" the muslin infrastructure with tomato paste and sauce. Imagine the smell on the runway? Imagine the visual association with blood? And that's not a good metaphor. I have to say that I loved his oven mitt bodice: Elsa Schiaparelli meets Claire McCardell. But the skirt was going to matter, needless to say. The next morning, and to my great relief, the skirt had neither sauce nor paste. Instead, Joe used the labels from the cans and embellished them with fusilli pasta. Viva Italiano!

Keith and Suede chose the same navy and white checkerboard plastic tablecloth for the core of their design. In Keith's case, the silhouette and proportions were good, and, owing to wide pleating in the skirt, we could see the lighter reverse of the print. I responded well to his design, but for the tablecloth aspect. But most of the designers had this issue, so Keith would not stand alone. But he had to do something else to enhance the look. He opted to cut up an aluminum foil car shade for a wide waistband. This served him well, as it accentuated the bell silhouette of the skirt and the sleekness oif the halter top. Hopefully, the judges would respond as well as I.

Kenley embraced innovative, thankfully. She cut up a plastic ball to create a breastplate, and she used the webbing from a colorful lawn chair for an asymmetrical patchwork skirt. Her only use of the dreaded tablecloth was for a waistband, so I forgave her. The bright, effervescent dress that she created truly exuded fashion.

Korto used a yellow paper tablecloth for the entirety of her look, and that concerned me enormously. To me, the floor length kimono sleeved dress that she created was a mere derivation of the Han-Bok, the traditional costume of Korea. Even her use of the kale and tomato neck embellishment concerned me, because it was merely that, an embellishment. On Korto's behalf, I was relieved (and a little stunned) that the judges responded so positively to her design. In fact, they singled it out as one of the top three. I was puzzled, but go figure.