Tims Take

Horror stories from the road.

on Apr 6, 20060

What a whirlwind tour we had! The second season just ended and we're already casting season three. Our four audition stops were in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York. The season three hopefuls lined up for hours and hours. Some had a good reason to be hopeful, while others... read on.

There were four judges for each site, but I was the only one among us who attended every audition.

Let me set this up structurally.

For our prospective designers, the audition process was well-defined, especially since bravotv.com gave them a prescription. The only element that was not prescribed was the wait - as I mentioned, it was hours and hours in most cases. I semi-forgave many of the lackluster presentations owing to those long waits, but generally speaking, I wanted to rally them with that salient line from Valley of the Dolls, "Sparkle, Neely, sparkle!!"


I'm still waiting for a response to a question I asked ages ago and now that the show is coming back on, maybe you can find a petite pear shaped woman with a 40 NB cup, a 45" waist and 42 inch waist and dress her to the hilt. P.S. I'm available.