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A challenge of queen size proportions!

on Aug 20, 20080

Suede designed for Hedda Lettuce. He created a Flintstone-like green print "jacket" with peplum over a strapless green cocktail-length dress. I write "jacket," because, given that the piece didn't have sleeves, it was more like a vest. Instead of sleeves, opera-length gloves with baby bib lettuce embellishments covered Hedda's arms. I'm merely happy that Suede's look walked the runway at all: He and Hedda had such an incendiary relationship, and Hedda was so vocal about how she wanted to re-design the look, that I was concerned that she might refuse to walk the runway. In the end, all was well, thankfully.

Blair Rudd
Blair Rudd

Hi World

Someone at project runway must help one of the contestants from previous shows 'Big Chris'. The reason why he sleeps so much is that it's a sympton of heart disease brought on by his morbidly obese weight. Please help this guy! He's a very lovable person who needs a helpful intervention...