Challenge #3: Dog Challenge

Man's best friend gets a new look!

Today's task required each designer to create an outfit for their model and a "K-9"-sized number for each model's dog! The dogs were already chosen for the challenge and the designers were allowed to select which dog they preferred. There were all types of dogs, from a Pug to a Boston terrier to my favorite, a Chinese Crested. I really wanted to stow him in my styling kit and take him home!

Upon the arrival of our canine friends, some of the production crew asked if I would be able to groom the dogs with MY personal hairbrushes. I declined, although with some hesitation as I am a huge dog lover. (I have two miniature Yorkies at home, Felix and Flynn, who are like my children.) But, with some of my brushes costing as much as $100 dollars, I knew I had to say no.

All of the designers chose to design dresses for their models and furry friends. The connection between some of them was unbelievable! Alison had a poodle and asked me to give her model Toni a crimped, voluminous updo that matched the poodle's! I used TRESemmé Instant Heat Tamer to protect Toni's hair from the heat of the crimping iron before finishing her 'do.

Other designers went for French twists or the Palm Beach heiress look. They made fabulous pairings with their dogs! I assisted in fixing the bows and occasional fur fly-aways on the dogs and I must say that they looked great! I felt for the designers as it looked like some of the costumes could be ruined at a moment's notice, both for the dogs and their models. As Heidi would say, they were literally on pins and needles! For the most part, everything stayed intact. However, just as the models lined up with their furry friends for their walk down the runway, one of the little guys got excited, and, well, you know... there certainly was never a dull moment!

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