Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Taking time to smell the roses!


 Hello my lovelies! There is mad construction going on outside my apartment, and has been since seven in the morning for the past two weeks -- what's a young lad supposed to do to get his beauty sleep darn it!!?!

I guess it's the nature of living in a city that is always changing. Anyways, just wanted to share some pics from when Kieran and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden yesterday. The colors were phenomenal and definitely a great place for me to veg out and relax. I was in LA all last week and I'm sorry for those of you who live out there, but I just couldn't stand the traffic. Every time I go out there I think to myself "Oh, it won't be THAT bad ... at least the weather is nice," but no -- I end up getting so frustrated because half of my time there is undoubtedly spent looking at the rear end of a car.

(Wow, I just reread that and apologize if this blog sounds like a bitchy rant -- I guess I'm starting to realize how much jackhammer at 7 a.m. affects me.) I was out there for a huge book expo called BEA (it's kind of a big deal in the industry) and it was a chance for book buyers and whatnot, to meet me, find out more what "Fashion Inside Out" is about, etc. Overall, it went amazing well and there promises to be a LOT of support, come the book tour in October and November -- and that includes the UK -- so be prepared Brits because I'm coming to you!

OK -- back to the blog at hand, so anyways I needed to detox and have some relaxation time after traveling and whatnot, so Kieran and I decided to make an afternoon of it. Neither of us claims to be professional photographers but I must admit that there are a few pretty good shots in the mix, aside from the creepy stalker ones.

Enjoy and don't forget to take your own day off now and again. Off to a Vman/Hedi Slimane party later tonight, no doubt to be full of waif-like boys in skinny jeans and 100 yd stares. I think it's safe to assume that they won't be serving any food for these fashion emaciated ... xx dv_pic03.jpgdv_pic04.jpgdv_pic05.jpgdv_pic06.jpgdv_pic07.jpgdv_pic08.jpg  dv_pic09.jpg dv_pic10.jpg dv_pic11.jpg dv_pic12.jpg dv_pic13.jpg dv_pic15.jpg     dv_pic14.jpg  dv_pic16.jpg dv_pic17.jpg dv_pic18.jpgdv_pic19.jpgdv_pic20.jpgdv_pic21.jpgdv_pic22.jpgdv_pic23.jpgdv_pic24.jpgdv_pic25.jpgdv_pic26.jpg

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