Christian: Fierce Leader

Christian Siriano is well prepared for this challenge thanks to past experience.

When Heidi announced the challenge, how psyched were you?
When Heidi told us about the challenge I was sooo excited, and I knew I could make something really amazing! I would redeem myself from the week before!

What does "avant-garde" mean to you? How long would it normally take you to make a piece like that?
Avant-garde is to me an interpretation of couture. It's the ultimate push in creativity that fashion has to offer! It is not always wearable, but can be an inspiration from more commercial pieces! It normally would take weeks to create these garments, except for me! christian_02_320x240.jpg

Did you think attempting to find inspiration from the model's hairstyles would be limiting at all?
I think finding inspiration from hairstyles is a bit backwards from fashion -- usually fashion inspires the hairstyle. Yet working in a salon for so many years, it made it easy for me to interpret!

How did you and Chris come up with the concept for the dress?
I kind of came up with the concept and then Chris and I discussed what we both could contribute!

In your high-fashion experiences, had you ever done something similar?
When working at McQueen, I have worked on pieces that were similar which helped!


Did you anticipate working so well with Chris? Were you happy you got him as a teammate? Did he fill the void of Team Fierce?!
Working with Chris was a joy -- he is talented and wonderful at what he does! He is crazy, but we needed that for this challenge! I can't say that anyone could fill Jack's spot in Team Star, but Chris was a good sub!

What did you think of the other designs -- did you think Victorya/Jillian might win?
I really liked Victorya and Jillian's outfit, but honestly it did not compare to [45] yards of fabric and the details that we created!

How was it being shot for the advertisement in Elle? Being shot for Elle is such a dream! The clothes looked amazing and any press is great for my career!

Anything else you want to share?
It was a dream challenge and I think blew the couture challenge from last season away, but that's just me being sassy!

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