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Maddie: Model Client

A once in a lifetime experience that will always be remembered!

When I heard that Project Runway was coming to my school, I was shocked. Many girls were interviewed and hoped that they would be chosen. We had to wait until the day of the show to find out who was picked to be a model. When I found out that I was chosen, I was so excited. I was going to be a model! How cool is that? It was a lot of fun choosing our designers by looking at their portfolios. Each designer had their own individual style -- some louder than others. For example, Chris' designs were very vibrant and expressive. My favorite designers were Jillian and Christian because their styles were the most similar to my designs. Walking down the runway for the first time in my uniform made me feel like I was in school again, but other people see what I look like without normal clothing. This told me never to wear my uniform again outside of school. We looked so short on the runway and yes, we can -- because we are not the average "models" I was nervous; I did not want to fall on my face on television. Not a good way to start the challenge. I was excited when I met Heidi Klum (who, by the way, is really cool in person). When all the models finally met the designers, I wondered what the designers' first impressions of us were. In person, my designer Christian seemed relaxed and maybe easy to deal with.

When discussing our dress, we argued about the length, color, and everything about the design. When the dress was finally constructed, it was just horrible. Christian chose the wrong color, which looked hideous on me. The length on the back of the dress was too short for my body type, and the top part of the dress had too much fabric. If the dress had been tighter, it would have looked a lot better. Christian changed the halter for a large strap on one side and a small on the other. What kind of construction is that? I didn't like the way that I looked in the dress, and I wish I had the chance to redo it all over again. The other designers did a great job on their designs with the exception of Kevin and Ricky. Kevin's red dress was too maternal and too mature for Tizi. Ricky's pink dress was too pale for Kate's skin. I did like the other dresses.

My favorite dress was Chris's green dress that Krista wore. The details on the back were beautiful. I also liked Rami's olive green dress that Bianca wore because it suited her very well, even though the judges thought of it as conservative. It was fun modeling all the dresses. I think that when Jessica gave the peace sign, it made her dress more fun to wear for prom. Victorya did so well with the dress. The judges were so thrilled to see us. I will never forget when they defended me when my designer was blaming everything on me. Project Runway was a once in a lifetime experience, and if I had to do this all over again, I would in a heartbeat. Au revoir!