Old Trends, New Trends

What goes around comes around!


Old trends create new trends in a perpetual cycle. It's stated that in fashion, everything has been done or conceived of already, but what makes the old new is a reinterpretation of these designs, giving them a new voice by modernizing the approach. teamricky_404_320x240.jpg

In reference to Ricky's team, I think color blocking should have been up on one of the "old trends gone bad" cards itself. I found the color blocking a bit Barnum & Baileys. Aside from Elisa's dress, I can't envision a woman actually wearing one of the other dresses on the street. rate_runway_12_404.jpg

Neon ( i.e. acid yellow) is in fact quite popular right now, it's been coloring the runways internationally from Preen to Marc Jacobs, it could have been reinterpreted in such a chic & modern way, too bad. Ricky will keep shining on. I agreed with the judges on the top two teams. Christian's team created interestingly "fierce" silhouettes, they truly modernized the dated trends to create 3 looks a fashion-forward woman could actually wear today.


Disagreeing with Kit, I felt the fabric choices were too bold for the audience, not muted at all. I can't see the snake print hanging on a rack in Maxfield, but the silhouette would certainly have been granted access. The collection was so un-American and fresh, unfortunately for team Christian, DK & MK graced the judges podium so the "All American" look took home the trophy. rate_runway_01_404.jpg

Jillian certainly created a modern silhouette and made a cohesive collection that is actually cute AND wearable, which is not always the case on the runway. teamchris_404_320x240.jpg

Chris' team took the hardest fall, but someone always does, now don't they. It surprised me though, as I felt some of their pieces could be separates from a MK collection. The incohesiveness of the collection however, was the straw that broke the camel hair's back. Best of luck to Chris, he brought a positively sweet aspect to the show.

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